Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long it will take my request?
This depends on many things… eg professor response to the email, the time needed to analyze your requirements.
2. Are all students being eligible?
Yes of course, BUT they are reminded that they should provide all required details otherwise by default request will be rejected.
3. Why should i need to provide all details?
If you need for academic/study purpose you must provide all details otherwise pay the fees.
4. I don’t have my collage email id and professor email id?
Sorry, you are not eligible.
5. I have uploaded my paper and asked for source code?
Simply uploading the paper and asking source code doesn’t make any sense and your request will be rejected.
6. I have uploaded my proposal document with reference paper and asked for source code?
We will analyze and contact by email; free service is not eligible.
8. I'm working as a staff in college, am i eligible?
Yes, only for already designed project.