This project is design based on the paper "Optimal Allocation of Multiple Distributed Generators in Distribution System using Firefly Algorithm". Optimal allocation (sizing and sitting) of multiple distributed generators (DGs) in the distribution system is an important issue in recent years. This design presents an effective technique for determining the optimal location and sizing of DGs for minimizing power losses, operational costs and improving the voltage profile and voltage stability index of the radial distribution system(RDS). The entire problem is divided into two subproblems. The first location of DGs is finding out by using the integrated approach loss sensitivity factor (LSF) and voltage stability factor (VSF) concepts. Next, the sizes of DGs at these locations are determined by using Meta heuristic technique Firefly Algorithm (FA). The objective function is solved with satisfying equality and inequality constraints of the radial distribution system. The proposed method is implemented on IEEE 33 and 69 bus test systems with considering constant power load at different load levels. Fitness function based on equation 16 (power loss index, total operating cost, voltage deviation index, voltage stability index) and Load Flow based on equation 5 from the reference paper.

Reference Paper-1: Optimal Allocation of Multiple Distributed Generators in Distribution System using Firefly Algorithm
Author’s Name: Sureshkumar Sudabattula and Kowsalya M
Source: Journal of Electrical Engineering

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