Power Loss Minimization with FACTS Devices using Modified Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques

         This project is design based on the paper "Active Power Loss Minimization with FACTS Devices using SA/PSO Techniques". The main objective of this design is to find out the more efficient approach for loss reduction in system network. In this project modified simulated annealing (MSA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) techniques are proposed to minimize total losses in a network system with flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices. The problem is decomposed in two sub-problems. The first sub-problem is the optimal placement of FACTS devices using line loss sensitivity index and the second sub-problem is the load flow with FACTS parameters using modified SA/PSO techniques. Simulations are performed using the Matlab software on IEEE 14-bus system. Results are presented for both MSA and PSO.

Reference Paper-1: Active Power Loss Minimization with FACTS Devices using SA/PSO Techniques
Author Name: Subrata Majumdar,A K Chakraborty and A K Chakraborty
Source: IEEE-Third International Conference on Power Systems
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SIMULATION VIDEO DEMO