This project is design based on the paper ”Optimal Placement of DG Units Considering Power Losses Minimization and Voltage Stability Enhancement in Power System”. Recently, increasing the energy consumption, the new transmission lines restriction, the steady progress in the power deregulation, and utility limitation have created growing interest in distributed power generation systems. In addition, improving voltage profiles and reliability, reducing power losses and on-peak operating costs are the other salient factors which cause the tendency to utilize distributed generation (DG) units. Controlling these parameters makes the power system operators optimize the placement and penetration level of these sources. Consequently, several methods with various targets have been studied until now. In this project, the evaluation of placement and penetration level of DG units considering stability improvement and power losses reduction has been designed using MatLab. NSGA_II was utilized to optimize the objective functions considering the operating constraints. NSGA_II is an evolutionary-based multi-objective optimization tool which has great advantages in comparison with other evolutionary algorithms. The utilized method was applied to IEEE 14 -bus and 57 -bus test systems in two cases considering fixed DG size and variable DG size. The simulation results show the voltage stability, improvement of voltage profile, and reduction of power losses.
The essential assumptions of NSGA_II applied are as follows:
• The population is initialized,
• The population is sorted based on the non-domination concept,
• Crowding distance is assigned frontwise,
• Selection of parents is based on the binary tournament with a crowed comparison operator,
• Simulated Binary Crossover is used for crossover operator and crossover rate is 0.7,
• Polynomial Mutation is used for mutation operator and mutation rate is 0.3,
• Population size is equal to 100,
• A number of generations are equal to 200.

Reference Paper: Optimal Placement of DG Units Considering Power Losses Minimization and Voltage Stability Enhancement in Power System
Author’s Name: Ebrahim Babaei, Sadjad Galvani and Farzam Nejabatkhah
Source: IJACE

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SIMULATION VIDEO DEMO