Brushless DC Motors (BLDCM) are widely used in automated industrial applications like Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery, aerospace applications and in the field of robotics. The dynamics of this motor should be smooth for many industrial and automated applications and free from unwanted interference. But due to high-speed switching circuits used in the commutation circuits, the BLDC motor voltage contains harmonics component, and this causes high electromagnetic interference problems. During commutation, the trapezoidal current pass through each phase causes a pulsation in torque during its operation. This design describes the implementation of a controller with minimized torque ripple and EMI effects using a filter placed at the input of the BLDC motor. The selection of the LC component present in the filter plays a major role in the performance of the drive. The charging and discharging of the capacitor improve the quality of the voltage given to the motor. With this, an improved methodology to reduce the high-frequency harmonics components and torque ripples using an RC filter connected at the input of the motor is developed. This work is simulated using PSIM and the effect of the filter is analyzed with FFT analysis. The design of the filter components and the methodology of reduction of harmonics components are simulated and verified using Matlab 2007b software.

Reference Paper: Harmonics and Torque Ripple Minimization using L-C Filter for Brushless DC Motors
Author’s Name: A. Albert Rajan and Dr. S. Vasantharathna
Source: International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering
Year: 2009

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