This project is design based on the paper "DCT-based watermarking method for Compressed images using Genetic Algorithm".This project has combination of DCT with Genetic Algorithm.Design procedure followed in the project is as given below.You can watch the simulation video demo with results.

Step 1-Binary watermark(logo image) will be buried in compressed Digital Colour Image
1-a) The watermarking must perform into frequency domain
1-b) The proposed method provides hiding a binary watermark in a compressed Digital Colour Image
1-c) The Digital Color Image will transform into YCbCr from RGB color space and then the Discrete Cosine Transform middle band of the luminance (Y) component will used for watermarking processes
Step 2- Extract watermark from watermarked image. (Extraction process)
2-a) Do attack to watermarked image (Gray,SP Noise,Rotate,Crop,Contrast)
2-b) Extract watermark after attacked by different attacks such as Gray,SP Noise,Rotate,Crop,Contrast
Step 3- Shows NC and PSNR values of extracted watermarks after attacked

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SIMULATION VIDEO DEMO