The signature of a person is an important biometric attribute of a human being which can be used to authenticate human identity. However human signatures can be handled as an image and recognized using computer vision and neural network techniques. With modern computers, there is a need to develop fast algorithms for signature recognition. There are various approaches to signature recognition with a lot of scope of research. In this project, off-line signature recognition & verification using ANN and SVM is proposed, where the signature is captured and presented to the user in an image format. Signatures are verified based on parameters extracted from the signature using various image processing techniques. The Off-line Signature Recognition and Verification is implemented using Matlab.

Steps for offline signature verification and identification:
1) Data acquisition and pre-processing
2) To extract features,
i. Apply Hu’s moment on original signature (will get 7 features)
ii. 1D radon transformation is applied to the signature image. The 2D radon function has been performed in 0, 45,90,135 directions (will get 35 features)
iii. After getting 1D radon images again apply Hu’s moment on this direction
iv. Segment original signature in 4 zones vertically (Normalized the signature in 32*128 size so that after zoning size of one zone is 32*64)
v. On each zone apply Gabor wavelet in 0,30,60,90,120, -30 directions
vi. Compute Energy and Standard Deviation (STD) separately on each subband (will get 48 features)
vii. On each zone after getting Gabor wavelet images again apply Hu’s moment
3) For identification use nearest neighbor classifier
4) For verification use Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Artificial Neural Network(ANN) as a classifier

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