This design mainly focuses to provide stronger security for communication over the Internet by enhancing the strength of the AES algorithm. Rijndael’s algorithm was selected as the Advanced Encryption Standard. The AES algorithm was believed to provide much more security without any limitations. But, recently some breaking methods on the AES have been found by cryptanalysts. In the AES algorithm, the number of rounds involved in the encryption and decryption depends on the length of the key and the number of block columns. So, the number of rounds is increased to improve the strength of the AES. The strength of the AES algorithm is enhanced by increasing the key length to 512 bit and thereby the number of rounds is increased in order to provide a stronger encryption method for secure communication. Code optimization is done in order to improve the speed of encryption and decryption using the 512 bit AES.

Reference Paper: AES Algorithm using 512 Bit Key Implemented for Secure Communication

Author’s Name: S.Radhika and A.Chandra Sekar

Source: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science


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