This project is designed based on the paper “Reconstruction of Underwater Image by BISPECTRUM”. Reconstruction of an underwater object from a sequence of images distorted by moving water waves is a challenging task. A new approach is designed using Matlab and compared with previous methods such as average based method and lucky region method. We make use of the BISPECTRUM technique to analyze the raw image sequences and recover the phase information of the true object. The first step is to divide the raw images into smaller size patches and locate and discard the most distorted patches. More details about the algorithm can be found at reference paper section-4. Simulation is performed under various images. This technique has wide applications to areas such as ocean study and submarine observation.

Reference Paper: Reconstruction of Underwater Image by BISPECTRUM

Author’s Name: Z.Y. Wen, D. Fraser, A. Lambert, and H.D. Li

Source: IEEE


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SIMULATION VIDEO DEMO