The general idea of this project is the implementation of a secured CR Media Access Protocols using the Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA-RTS/CTS) for protocol transmission in order to properly identify user’s location and identity thereby providing a secured network against false alarm and enhanced QoS. Analyze of optimization issues for Media Access Control (MAC) protocol spectrum sharing in CR based Wireless Regional Area Networks (CRWRAN) is designed and simulated using Matlab. To increase the performance of channel assignment leading to the maximization of the system throughput, CR MAC protocol capable of solving interference problem between the primary user (PU) and secondary users (SU) for efficient spectrum sharing would be designed, analyzed and optimized.
The main aim is to design the CR network, configure, model and simulate the designed network and then analyze the throughput performance and study the optimization of its access and sensing parameters for throughput maximization.  In this technique, the PU is given priority over all the SUs by making the PU have smaller interframe space (IFS). MatLab simulation for CSMA and the CSMA/CA-RTS/CTS are; to verify how much performance increase is found using CSMA/CA-RTS/CTS.  The main process of CSMA/CA-RTS/CTS is as follows,

  • Set initial parameters of the network size, number of bits to transmit, nodes location
  • Generate information bits and apply modulation
  • Transmit modulated data through channel from node to node
  • Apply the protocols over the network  
  • Find spectrum sensing value using a sensing algorithm (Cyclostationary spectrum sense method)
  • Node receive acknowledgement from other node and check sensing condition
  • If both condition is satisfied make transmission between nodes
  •  Find performance parameters (throughput)

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Reference Paper-2: Performance Study on a CSMA/CA-Based MAC Protocol for Multi-User MIMO Wireless LANs

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Reference Paper-3: Comparative Analysis of Primary Transmitter Detection Based Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio Systems

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