This project is design based on the paper "Image Fusion Based On Wavelet Transform".This paper presents a scheme for fusion of images of same scene obtained through different modalities, real time or high definition images. The basic idea is to decompose each image into sub-images using complex wavelet transform. Information fusion is performed based on detailed coefficients of sub-images and resulting image is obtained using inverse dual tree wavelet transform. The proposed scheme as follows,is based on ‘gradient’ criterion.

  • Input Image Cromatic/Multispectral
  • Scaling Image to 512*512
  • Multispectral Data R,G and infrared bands extracted
  • Repeating Same for Multispectralband
  • Applying Wavelet with 3 Level(Co-efficients C1,C2 and C3)
  • Fusion Rule
  • Inverse Wavelet
  • Combining 3 result and fused band to HR Multispectral fused image
  • Result for Parameters-PSNR,SNR,RMSE,Image Quality Index and Spectral Qualtiy Evaluation

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SIMULATION VIDEO DEMO