Automatic modulation recognition is a rapidly evolving area of signal analysis. The interest from the academic and military research institutes has focused around the research and development of modulation recognition algorithms. Any communication intelligence (COMINT) system comprises three main blocks: receiver front-end, modulation recognizer, and output stage. Considerable work has been done in the area of receiver front-ends. The work at the output stage is concerned with information extraction, recording, and exploitation and begins with signal demodulation, that requires accurate knowledge about the signal modulation type. There are, however, two main reasons for knowing the current modulation type of a signal; to preserve the signal information content and to decide upon the suitable counteraction, such as jamming. In this design, a set of decision criteria for identifying different types of digital modulation is developed. The artificial neural network (ANN) is used for the modulation recognition process and also all the key features used in the identification algorithm are designed using the conventional signal processing methods. Matlab simulations are carried out considering digitally input signal.
Reference Paper-1: Automatic Identification of Digital Modulation Types
Author’s Name: E.E. Azzouz and AK. Nandi
Source: Elsevier
Reference Paper-2: Automatic Modulation Recognition of Communication Signals
Author’s Name: Elsayed Azzouz and  Asoke Nandi
Source: Springer Science

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