The channel of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver ends is simply called Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel. Because of its linearity needs, the direct implementation of the cost-effective blind matched filtering technique to multiple input multiple output communication channels was not possible. To show how to perform the cost-effective blind matched filtering technique for these types of communication channels assuming a two-way transmission scenario. For this reason, the blind matched filter and the adaptive filtering blocks, which are required by the so-called technique, are adapted for multiple input multiple output case. Besides its structural simplicity, such adaptation does also enable the use of no higher than second order statistics of the received signal for the matched filter identification purposes. Moreover, with the use of the novel receiver, the equalization of the multiple input multiple output channel is performed alongside the matched filter identification stage.
    The design is based on the adaptation of the blind matched filter technique is for MIMO channels. Matlab design is constructed over a two-way communication channel, which means the communication is possible not only through the forward channel but also through the reverse channel. A feedback link is assumed whether independent from or within the communication channel so that the channel knowledge available at either end can be shared among both transceivers.
Reference Paper: Blind Matched Filtering for Multiple Input Multiple Output Transceivers
Author’s Name: Adem Coskun and Izzet Kale
Source: IEEE

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