The basic need of every growing area in today’s world is communication. Everyone wants to keep the inside information of work to be secret and safe. We use many insecure pathways in our daily life for transferring and sharing information using the internet, but at a certain level, it's not safe. Steganography and Cryptography are two methods that could be used to share information in a concealed manner. Cryptography includes modification of a message in a way that could be in digesting or encrypted form guarded by an encryption key which is known by the sender and receiver only and without using encryption key the message couldn’t be accessed. But in cryptography, it’s always clear to the intermediate person that the message is in encrypted form, whereas in steganography the secret message is made to hide in the cover image so that it couldn’t be clearer to any intermediate person that whether there is any message hidden in the information being shared. The cover image containing the secret message is then transferred to the recipient. The recipient is able to extract the message with the help of the retrieving process and the secret key provided by the sender. Steganography has always been an interesting topic for researchers to develop secure techniques to send data without revealing it to anyone other than the receiver. Therefore from time to time researchers have developed many techniques to fulfill secure transfer of data and steganography is one of them. In this Matlab design, a new technique of image steganography i.e. Hash-LSB with RSA algorithm for providing more security to data as well as our data hiding method is developed. The technique uses a hash function to generate a pattern for hiding data bits into LSB of RGB pixel values of the cover image. This technique makes sure that the message has been encrypted before hiding it into a cover image. If in any case the ciphertext got revealed from the cover image, the intermediate person other than receiver can't access the message as it is in encrypted form.

Reference Paper: A Secure Image Steganography Based on RSA Algorithm and Hash-LSB Technique
Author’s Name: Anil Kumar and Rohini Sharma

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