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Xilinx FPGA Boards


FPGA  Basys™2 Spartan® 3E 100K or 250K Gates  Nexys™2 Spartan® 3E 500K or 1200K Gates  Atlys™ Spartan®-6 LX45 43,661 Logic Cells  Virtex®-5 LX50T 46,080 Logic Cells
Level  Academic Starter
 Academic Mid Level
Applications  Logical Only
 Audio/Video  Advanced
EDK Support   NO        
 Yes  Yes  Yes
Video  8-Bit VGA  8-Bit VGA  4 x HDMI (2in/2out)  1 x HDMI Out
RAM  NO  16 Mbytes  128 Mbytes DDR2  Up to 2 Gbytes DDR2
ROM  NO  32 Mbytes PCM  16 Mbytes Quad SPI  64 Mbytes
Ethernet NO NO  10/100/1000  10/100/1000

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