1. Verilog Course Team will provide only Guidance on the respective domain only for the Registered Students.
2. We request the candidate to furnish the correct details in Registration Form, if it found as fake, support will be terminated without any Prior notice in order to safeguard the data piracy.
3. Verilog Course Team has rights to communicate HOD/College/University to validate the details furnished by students if needed.
4. Project/Source Code and Documents should be used only for Academic, not for Research Work (Ph.D.)/Commercial and Verilog Course Team owns the copyrights. In-case of Research(Ph.D.)/Commercial inform before commencing the project with appropriate details.
5. Candidate should produce the Bonafide Certificate/ID Card Copy from their college if needed.
6. On the Selection of the domain, the candidate should not change the domain during the guidance of the project.
7. Candidate should be attentive while on Technical Discussion and should not misuse the materials provided by Verilog Course Team.
8. Candidate should have their ID cards when getting inside in our premises.
9. The candidate is responsible for any malfunction or damage to the hardware or software; he/she is working on, during his/her of the project.
10. Guidance will be provided by the Engineers working on the respective domain depends on the availability.
11. Technical documents will be provided for Online Guidance if needed.
12. Technical Support will be provided only for respective students up to 2weeks from the date of project completion or from Registration Date.
13.Minimum of 24 Working Hours and Maximum of 72 Working Hours needed to provide any support.
14.No Technical Support on weekends and public holidays.
Verilog Course Team reserve rights terminate the Guidance without Prior notice if the candidate fails to follow the regulation procedure.
16. Read the Home page to know more details about Verilog Course Team.