Virtex-II Pro Development System

The Virtex-II PRO(V2-Pro) development system can be used at virtually any level of the engineering curricula, from introductory courses through advanced research projects. Based on the Virtex-II Pro FPGA, the board can function as a digital design trainer, a microprocessor development system, or a host for embedded processor cores and complex digital systems. It is powerful enough to support advanced research projects, but affordable enough to be placed at every workstation. The expansion connectors can accommodate special-purpose circuits and systems for years to come, so the board can remain at the core of an engineering educational program indefinitely (see below for a current list of available expansion boards).    

Basic Details:

Virtex-II Pro (30,816 Logic Cells)

Two 2x20 right-angle female sockets
100-pin Hirose FX2 connector
Audio in/out VGA
10/100 Ethernet

JTAG programming via on-board USB2 port; Compact Flash via on-board System ACE

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