This project is design based on the paper "Manual Picoblaze-by John Tramel(CSULB)".This project is to design UART Protocol using Picoblaze  Xilinx FPGA Board(Nexus-2). Four baud rates are used i.e 115200,9600,4800 and 2400. We can use any one baud rate as per the requirement. We used KCPSM3 assembler and followed the procedure as given below. You can watch the simulation demo file how UART works.

  • First, we need to write assembly code for UART in a text file.
  • Then we need to save a copy of this file in the same folder as the extracted assembler folder.
  • Now in a 32/64bit OS dos command prompt, track the KCPSM3.exe file and run this code.
  • This will generate the .v files we need to add to the simulator software.
  • All the files are already given in the assembler folder.
  • So we cannot use any other file other than the application file KCPSM3.
  • The generated files have to be used in the simulator along with the processor module.
  • Simulate the design on the nexys 2 board.

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