Verilog Course Team is also engaged in providing VLSI, Embedded hardware, software and training solutions to corporate, educational institutions and individuals. Our company can successfully take up challenges thrown open by the evolving VLSI/Embedded Industry. We have trained more than 250 individuals, 4 corporate and 8 universities in VLSI/embedded systems and systems programming since our inception in the year 2007. Our alumni’s are now contributing towards the growth of leading organizations within India and abroad. Additionally, our solutions are used by various industry and academic institutions all across India. Verilog Course Team undertakes Corporate Training as per the requirement of the Companies to impart industry standard training modules in emerging technologies like VLSI, Embedded Systems & Matlab. Our training programs are dedicated to empower the organizations with necessary skills so as to keep their employees updated with the latest advancement in technologies and a changing &ever demanding workplace. Our training module makes the Engineers from various disciplines,capable of understanding,appreciating and applying design principles&careful analysis based on theory and experience at all levels of Embedded System development. It clarifies the relationship between the mutable software and the relatively invariant hardware and building solutions with FPGAs, CPLDs as well as other configurable hardware components. If you have to discuss your needs with our company, contact us at and we'll do our best to satisfy your training needs.
The ‘Verilog Course Team’ Advantage :

An association with us exposes our customers to our professional training solutions which in-turn benefits them in more than one way : 

  • Customized training solutions to suit your requirement empowers you to have a highly skilled and competitive workforce.
  • Our Off peak working hours training sessions empowers the participants towards learning and implementation simultaneously, thus increasing organizational productivity.
  • Our training methodology ensures a quick turnaround time for the participants, thereby saving on cost and time to market objectives.
  • Trainers with a rich pool of knowledge and experience ensure a talent pool with highly competitive skill sets.